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10 Reasons why we should move towards cloud-based payroll software

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

In this tech-immersed world, many organizations have realized legacy software is not the best option and have started adapting towards cloud payroll software. However there will forever be that few organizations who are hesitant to move away from their software of comfort zone.

Time to Move Away From traditional Payroll Software

HR staff spend a lot of time running manual errands to patch up process gaps created by a human resource / payroll management system :

  • Requires huge upfront investment

  • Has a long implementation cycle

  • Is complex to navigate

  • Lacks integration capabilities

  • Increases data redundancy

  • Decreases staff productivity and efficiency

  • Heightens the possibility of errors

So, rather than wasting time to address all the problems, HR leaders should try solving them one at a time by leveraging the power of cloud technology. To move towards the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) alternative: Cloud payroll software

Advantages of Using Cloud Payroll Software

Using Cloud-based payroll software, organizations can eliminate inefficiencies in their existing processes and streamline them end-to-end. SaaS Cloud payroll software solutions allow HR staff to automate, streamline, install, and integrate necessary payroll services rapidly at a considerably lower cost.

The following explains the 10 advantages of moving your payroll software to the cloud :

1. Cost-Effective

The major benefit of cloud payroll software is its cost-saving capability. SaaS payroll software neither need huge upfront investment nor do they demand hefty maintenance fees. Organizations are free to choose a subscription plan that meets their needs and the pay-as-you-use pricing model keeps expenses minimal. The lack of IT investments offers organizations the freedom to disengage at will. So, organizations of all sizes and types can use cloud payroll software to streamline their processes, while keeping overall capital and operational expenses to a minimum.

2. Time-Saving

Unlike traditional softwares, cloud payroll software are ready to use. Platforms are already designed, configured, and hosted on the cloud by the service provider–organizations just have to subscribe to their services, login, select modules, customize them, and start using it.

This instant installation and rapid deployment of modules trim down the time-to-market substantially.

3. Centralized Documentation

Cloud payroll software for example Justlogin allows organizations to access the features and files stored in a payroll management system without the need to store bulk data on paper or stand-alone systems. All confidential employee-related information is stored in a centralized cloud database automatically allowing employees to access from anywhere at any time on any device. HR staff don’t have to toggle between interfaces or search for paper files. Additionally, cloud software eliminate paperwork, data redundancy, and human errors paving the way for an efficient and environment-friendly payroll management process.

4. Security

When it comes to SaaS payroll software, the major concern of organizations is security. Their concern of storing confidential employee data and files remotely is valid. How do we know the data is secure and visible only to authorized personnel? What stops hackers from stealing it all?

Role-based access and data encryption ensure that sensitive documents are restricted to everyone except employees who are granted access to view or edit it.

5. Reliability

Cloud payroll software offers a more consistent and reliable experience. Most service providers offer service level agreements that are backed by the promise of 99% uptime. The connection is always up and running provided users have access to the internet.

6. Analytics

Most SaaS payroll software comes with an inbuilt reporting module that gives a bird’s-eye view of the stored data. As the information is stored in the cloud, it is easy to track and monitor. These visual reports provide invaluable nuggets of actionable insights that help in decision making, strategic planning, and much more.

7. Hassle-Free

Cloud payroll software pass on the stress of hosting and managing the infrastructure/data to a third-party, leaving the in-house IT team and HR staff stress-free.

8. Integration Capabilities

Today, most SaaS platforms have open application program interface (API) to integrate with other applications. This seamless integration and capability of cloud payroll software eliminates data silos, reduce redundancy, and allow organizations to access all necessary data in a unified portal.

9. Flexibility

Cloud payroll software offer organizations the ability to meet business demands quickly without an expensive payroll software or hardware upgrade. Depending on the business requirements, organizations can either scale up or down. This liberty and flexible nature of SaaS payroll software improve the overall efficiency of an organization and its employees.

10. Ease-of-Use

The liberal use of cloud offers SaaS payroll software a great advantage—user-friendliness. Their simple yet intuitive user interfaces enhance the user experience substantially. So, everyone in the organization can adapt to cloud payroll softwares quickly and easily. The robust infrastructure and 24/7 vendor support allow all employees to focus on core business operations.

Move Your Payroll Software to the Cloud Today!

Moving your payroll processes using Justlogin will help organizations tone down the cost associated with implementation, maintenance, and training. Its cloud-based nature makes it flexible for organizations to scale them up with their booming business needs.

Don’t just take our word for it; give Justlogin a try and see how cloud-based services can change the way you work!

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