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3 Advantages of Embracing Business on the Cloud

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Not only is Justlogin a pioneer in cloud-based HR software, we are also a cloud-first company in all aspects of our own business, from cloud-based accounting software (Quickbooks Online), project management (Flow and Trello) and team communication (Slack) platforms, email (Office 365) and even our phone system, which is an IP Phone solution that runs directly from the cloud (AsiaTel). Apart from the services we use in our daily business activities, we are proud to state that our entire payroll software is completely cloud-based, running entirely on Amazon Web Services based in Singapore.

There are many advantages of being a cloud-first company. Let’s tackle the 3 main advantages:

1.    Work wherever you want

One of the advantages being on the cloud is the ability to decouple from the traditional office. Having all aspects of the business being readily accessible anywhere with an Internet connection means that it is possible for Justlogin employees to enjoy a more non-traditional working experience. This gives them the ability to choose to work from home, or even on the road, offering a much more flexible work arrangement.

2.    Highly scalable and flexible

Justlogin payroll software can accommodate small businesses with as little as 10 employees, to large corporation with over a thousand employees. In fact, there isn’t really a limit to the number of users Justlogin can accommodate. With cloud computing, it is easy to scale your operations up or down, to accommodate your growing or fluctuating capacity demands. This removes the need to make costly upfront investment, which may be wasted, should your needs change. Hence, cloud software gives you immense flexibility to pay only for what you need.

3.    Outsource the maintenance

All the software updates, backups, and fixes are done by your cloud service provider, so you don’t have to spend time doing them yourselves. This leaves you with more time to focus on adding value to your business. However, remember to research on your cloud software’s data security policies beforehand, to ensure that your data will be safe and secure. One way is to check whether their servers are being hosted in a secure location, and also to check for information security certifications like the ISO 27001, which Justlogin is certified.

There are many other compelling reasons for moving your business to the cloud. I hope that the three that I’ve listed above will convince you to try it out. With Justlogin, the use of cloud software spans wide in all other aspects within an organization and has enabled more knowledge and understanding in what a business need and want – it’s to become enabled to be more efficient and agile.

Thinking about moving your business to the cloud? Start with your HR operations and Call Us Now for more information!

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