How to Create A Trade Payable Account for Foreign Currency

Create TRADE PAYABLE account for foreign currency (Eg: Trade Payable Euro) 1. Go to ACCOUNT- ACCOUNT LIST to refer to your current account list, so you can decide which account code to create. Then click on New to create a new account. 2. To create a TRADE PAYABLE account for foreign currency (eg Trade Payable-Euro), account type select ACCOUNT PAYABLE, then enter the account number and account name. 3. At the account DETAILS, change the currency to respective currency. 4. Select OK when system asks permission to create and link the exchange account for user. 5. Select OK after exchange account is created and linked by the system. #abssmyob #promotionmyob #myobpromotion #bestaccountingsoftware #myob #myobsg #abss

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