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How to create credit note?

​1. Go to the Sales command centre and click Enter Sales. In MYOB Premier and Accounting click the Enter Salesbutton. 2. Select the required customer. Click Layout and select Service, or item layout and click OK. 3.

i) For Credit Note issue that doesnt involve the goods. (to refund/ deduct money of next sales) Enter a description for the credit for service layout. Enter the account number to be credited in the Acct# field or select it from the list. This account should be the income account that the original sale was allocated to. Alternatively you could have an income account called 'Sales returns/Credits' for service layout. (remember key as negative amount Eg. -$1000.00) ii) For Credit Note issue to return goods, Use the Item layout to enter the Credit Note. Select the item that want to refund or select a service item for credit note for item layout and need to key negative sign at the quantity at ship column. 4. After press Record button . Go to Sales register under sales module and click the “RETURNS & CREDITS” tab. You will find your credit note inside the list. Select the credit note that you would like to apply for pay refund or apply to sale. Click “PAY REFUND” if you want to return the money to the customer. Click “ APPLY TO SALE” if you want to offset other invoice for the customer. 5. If you select “PAY REFUND” you will come to this screen. Enter the cheque number and select bank account, you can press “RECORD” to save it. 6. If you click “APPLY TO SALE” you will come to this screen. Select which invoice and how much you would like to offset. Click on the Amount Applied column to apply the then click on “RECORD” to save it. #abssmyob #promotionmyob #myobpromotion #bestaccountingsoftware #myob #myobsg #abss

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