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How to View Purchase Aging Reports

There are several purchase reports that can help you track your purchase activity. For example, you can run a Payables Reconciliation Summary report if you want to analyse your payables at a given date.

1. Go to the Reports menu and choose Index to Reports. The Index to Reports window appears.

2. Click the Purchases tab. A list of purchase reports appears.

3. You can select which report you would like to generate.For Aging report, you can select the Reconcilation Summary if you would like to have the summary format. If you want to have more details like aging for each invoice per supplier, you can select the Reconciliation Detail report.After you have selected the report type, click on the Customise button at the bottom.

4. Report Customisation Window appears. You can filter the report details, example: select only certain supplier if you would like to have report on specific supplier, change the report cut off date. After you have customise the report, click on Display.

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