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New additions on MYOB

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

MYOB New Release (1 July 2017) 

In this latest release we’ve included new features and updates to existing features that included :

New Features

Business Insights: This feature allows you to analyse key financial information using a range of interactive tables and graphs. You can analyse your available cash, cash flow, profit and loss, and the money that you owe suppliers and the money that customers owe you.

You can also find information specific to your needs by sorting table information. For example, you can click on the relevant column headings to sort the list of outstanding invoices to find the most overdue invoice or the largest overdue amount.

Abss Web Services is now made available for MYOB Accounting, Premier and Premier Plus.

Abss Web Store: There is a new tab- abss Web Store added to item details screen which contains additional item descriptions that can be exported via ODBC to connect to abss Web Store.

Web Contact Details for Customer Card: There is a new screen – Web Contact Details added to Customer Card Details screen which contains additional fields that supports extra information for Web Store.

Invoice and Purchase PDF naming: When emailing sales and purchases, PDF attachment file names will now reference the invoice and purchase numbers instead of eSales.pdf or ePurch.pdf.

Added “Detail Line #” field in regular used forms: A new field “Detail Line #” is now available in all types of Sale form such as Item/Professional/Service/Time Billing layout of DO and Invoices templates. It is also available in Purchase Order form.

ABSS Payments now with PayPal integration :ABSS Payments is integrated into ABSS Accounting and ABSS Premier accounting software enabling users to collect online payments via PayPal.

ABSS Click To Pay Enhancements :1. Ability to set up and configure customer service email address and contact number via Merchant Portal.     2. Ability to display invoice number and customer name to ease reconciliation.

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