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The SMETechSG Story

SMETechSG is partnered with ABSS (Asian Business Software Solutions), formerly known as MYOB Singapore, an Australian multinational company with more than 20 years of experience in providing tax and accounting services to small and medium size (SME) businesses. SMETechSG started its journey by providing consultation and support to the clients of ABSS / MYOB whilst working closely with the experts from within. We are also honoured to be ABSS Platinum Partner in Singapore out of hundreds of partners executing the best ABSS / MYOB accounting software, implementation & training services to the highest standards.


SMETechSG believes in showing results. We provide all-rounded ABSS / MYOB full-services from consultation, database setup and design, implementation, user training and support. Our unique consultation services and approach which showcases our team's commitment and ability to listen to what our customers need and missed. We are determined to provide you with a solution to streamline your business processes. We believe in aligning your key business strategy with people and technology. In this way, you can focus on your core competences and activities of your SME business. 


Okay, enough said about us, we'd like to hear more about you! If you like to talk about your accounting and business, we are all ears and full of great ideas to share with you how you can make this work.  SMETechSG looks forward to gives you a smile in accounting and business solutions. You can reach us the old-fashioned way at +65 6513 0695 / +65 9720 6813 or drop us an email at

Meet The Team

Agnes Lee

Co-Founder in SMETechSG.


As a Software Consultant and ABSS Certified Partner, Agnes leads the organisation to ensure commitments to customers are delivered and the organisation is resourced in all areas to realise the vision of bringing technology and accounting to SME businesses in Singapore.


Agnes also brings her 14 years of experience in the accounting software industry to projects on hand. She also provides different advice and constructive recommendations to companies seeking solutions. Having upgraded herself with Big Data knowledge in Analytics and Cloud technologies, she is able to help transform SME businesses in the Data Analytics processes to stay ahead of their competition.

Carol Kok

Sook Ying

Solution Integration Manager

Co-Founder in SMETechSG.


As a Software Consultant, ABSS Certified Partner and a background in accounting, Sook Ying brings her expertise to help company adopt and fine-tune accounting and operational process using technology. Sook Ying is passionate about bringing something different yet meaningful to businesses and using her appreciation in technology to deliver excellent results. 


With 10 years of experience in the accounting software industry and counting, Sook Ying knows that many of the SMEs need a facelift, she is now actively overseeing and coordinating every implementation process to ensure the vision of SMETechSG fully realised. 

ABSS / MYOB Support

The ABSS / MYOB Support Team in SMETechSG.


What do you need help with? Here at SMETechSG, we offer three support options: User Priority Call Support, Software Upgrade and Exclusive ABSS / MYOB Knowledge Base to help you make the most out of your ABSS / MYOB Accounting Software. These will keep you up-to-date, compliance and most importantly, technically supported.


After all, our ABSS team quote: "Are you still paying support for no support?", or
"Are you still paying training for learning nothing? "

Find out more on how to get your ABSS / MYOB accounting software support today!

Agnes Lee

Consultant Manager

ABSS / MYOB Support

Technical Suport Team

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