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ABSS / MYOB Onsite Training Course

Register your interest today and kickstart your ABSS / MYOB.

ABSS / MYOB Onsite Training is a customized training designed to help companies or individuals to understand, develop, streamline and improve their accounting and operational procedures in a focus and nimble way with ABSS / MYOB accounting software.


With ABSS / MYOB Onsite Training for Companies / Individuals, you’ll receive:

  1. Knowledge sharing with your team

  2. Build skills and confidence in using ABSS / MYOB accounting software

  3. Practical learning based on your company setup

  4. Put learning into daily practices


Our trainers are ABSS Certified Partners and ABSS Certified Platinum Partner in Singapore. We are proactively dealing with companies from various industries every day to give you the best advice when it comes to practice.


ABSS / MYOB Onsite Training Content

Duration: 1-Day, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Chapter 1: Get Started with ABSS MYOB

Chapter 2: Setting Up Chart of Accounts

Chapter 3: Setting Up of Card File

Chapter 4: Setting Up Sales Detail

Chapter 5: Setting Up Purchases Detail

Chapter 6: Managing Your Cash Book

Chapter 7: Managing Your Inventory

Chapter 8: Reports

Chapter 9: System & Maintenance



At your office or preferred location.


How many people can attend ABSS / MYOB Onsite Training?

Unlimited pax.


Course Fees

Starts from $300. Kindly register your interest. We will reply you ASAP.


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