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How to link the Trade payable & Receivable account to Respective currency

After the Trade Payable/ Receivable account is created, user need to link the foreign currency's Trade Payable and Receivable account in order to make them function. Below is the guide of linking the trade payable & receivable account for foreign currency. i. Go to LIST- CURRENCIES ii. In the CURRENCIES LIST, double click on currency you would like to link (Eg. Euro). iii. To link the Trade receivable account (Eg. Trade Receivable Euro) Go to RECEIVABLE ACCOUNTS, select the TRADE RECEIVABLE EURO from the dropdown list for the ASSETS ACCOUNTS FOR TRACKING RECEIVABLES IN THIS CURRENCY iiii. To link the Trade Payable account Go to PAYABLE ACCOUNTS, select the TRADE PAYABLE EURO from the dropdown list for the LIABILITY ACCOUNT FOR TRACKING PAYABLE IN THIS CURRENCY. Select OK after linking done. You can now record the Sale& Purchase transaction in the Euro, after you have created and linked the Payable and Receivable account to the currency. #abssmyob #promotionmyob #myobpromotion #bestaccountingsoftware #myob #myobsg #abss

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