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How to Record Year End Adjustment

Your accountant is likely to provide you with a number of adjustments that will need to be entered in your company file as journal transactions. If the adjustments have been provided on paper, you can manually enter them in the Record Journal Entry window. To record adjustments manually

1. Go to the Accounts and click Record Journal Entry. The Record Journal Entry window appears.

2. The general journal number and transaction date appear by default. You can change these if necessary.

3. [Optional] In the Memo field, enter a comment to describe the transaction, for example, ‘Year End adjustment from accountant’.

4. Each row of information entered in the scrolling list is a line item. The line item details are identified in the journal adjustments provided by your accountant. For each line item:

  1. Type the account number (or name), or select it from the account list.

  2. In the Debit and Credit fields, enter the debit or credit amount for the line item.

  3. If necessary, change the default code in the Tax column by typing the required tax code or selecting it from the list.

*Journal entry must be balanced The journal entry cannot be recorded until the Out of Balance field is zero.

5. Click Record to record the journal entry.

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