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How to Record Fund Transfer Between Bank Account (Same Currency)

You can record the transfer of money between bank accounts, including bank and credit card accounts, using the Transfer Money window. For example, if you have a petty cash account set up as a bank account, you can record a transfer that tops up the balance of your petty cash float

1. To record the fund transfer (same currency), you can go to Account module- Transfer Money.

At the Tranfer Money window, enter the details:

2. Enter a date for the transfer.

3. In the Transfer Money From field, enter the account from which the funds will be paid.

4. In the Transfer Money To field, enter the account to which the funds will be paid.

5. In the Amount field, type the amount to be transferred.

6. If you want to record the purpose of the transaction, type a description in the Memo field.

7. [Optional] If you want to store the transaction as a recurring transaction, clickSave as Recurring. Enter details of the recurring transaction in the Recurring Schedule Information window and click OK.

8. Click Record.

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